Boy's Abyss, Vol. 3
Boy's Abyss, Vol. 3

Boy's Abyss

Boy's Abyss, Vol. 3

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About Boy's Abyss, Vol. 3

Self-serving adults and broken dreams push a teenage boy trapped in a dead-end town closer and closer toward the abyss.

Reiji’s life is as miserable as the small town he can’t escape. The most interesting thing that’s ever happened there is a double suicide down by the river. Does Reiji have any power over his fate, or will he too fall into the abyss?

Author Esemori reveals a terrible secret from his youth. Reiji gets closer to Nagi while his best friend Chako longs to get closer to him, but it’s not Reiji who ends up trying to seduce her. Meanwhile, Reiji’s teacher Shiba tries to bribe him to continue their illicit relationship.

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